Friday, April 2, 2010


My Fashion Design teacher has some serious issues.

In my opinion at least.

She gave us an assignment to do over Spring Break (lame right?), and somehow we got into a discussion about the reasons why guys sag their pants. Seeing as how we don’t have a male IN our class, we couldn’t just as him. Some girls said that they think it’s “disgusting” whenever a guy sags. Personally, I think it’s attractive if done a certain way. Just saying. Now, something about my teacher, lets call her Mrs. Crazybitch, always makes have an attitude towards her. Which never happens with any teacher. We push each others buttons basically. Wanting to speak my opinion, I said how I think sagging is kind of comfortable. Unlike some of the other girls in my class, who wear pink and skirts, I’ve sagged on more than one occasion so I felt like I had more insight on the subject. Mrs. Crazybitch didn’t really like that. She tried so hard to turn the subject back into a negative, and she gave a rude look for saying that it’s comfortable. People these days… -_____-

Maybe just as one final push on Mrs. Crazybitch’s big button I’ll dress as a guy one day, and sag my jeans below my ass. Seeing as how she doesn’t like it very well. Hm.

Teachers, especially Mrs. Crazybitch, suck.

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  1. Yes...teachers suck! *pulls up pants* *grins*