Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Son? Daughter?

Have you ever gotten confused about a persons gender? Has anyone ever been confused about your gender?

It's a pretty awkward moment, for both sides.
Not counting the times I've been hit on by girls on myspace, I've been mistaken as a male twice.
The first was by a woman at the Heritage Center in Cripple Creek. My mom and I were going there to see my piece if the art show, even though it was taken down early but that's another story altogether, and the woman was working the front desk. To find out how much my mom needed to pay to get in, the woman asked-

"How old is your son...daughter?"

Now, both my mom and I could tell she didn't mean to offend me, she was just unsure. So I just smiled and answered her, then laughed about it. Some girls get really offended if someone, even if they didn't mean to, mistakes them for a guy. I don't, I think it's funny. But I could understand why she was confused. I was wearing a baggy shirt, a baggy hoodie with the hood up, skinny jeans, and my hair was in my face so you couldn't even see my eyes. I would've had a hard time. The woman began to say like, "Oh, I'm so sorry! Your hair made it hard for me." And stuff like that. I just smiled and laughed and told her it was okay, that it had happened before and to not to worry about it. We both eventually laughed about it.

Another time was at Outback Steakhouse recently.
It was family night. We went to dinner and a movie because my brother returned home from college. When we were seated at Outback and our waitress comes over, I didn't even notice at first until she asked my brother (who I was sitting next to) his drink order. Now when I sit in a booth in a resturaunte I like to sit in the corner, I don't really know why. I was wearing a kind of loose fitting shirt, my hoodie, and a hat that night. When she asked for my drink order she said-

"And for you, sir?"

I was the last person to give her their drink order, so I know I didn't hear her incorrectly. I tried so hard not to laugh. She didn't sound unsure about if I was actually a "sir" or not, but I still wasn't offended. If anything, I wanted to laugh harder than the first time. Because this time, you could clearly see that I had breasts. And I don't think I sound like a guy. But after I gave her my drink order I couldn't hold back my laughter any longer. My brother heard her too and was kind of chuckling along with me.

Because this is the first year I've had short hair in a long time, this is a new experience for me. But a funny one.

I don't know what this post is supposed to be telling you, but I thought it might be a good laugh.