Friday, July 2, 2010


Preview of Chapter Eight. Barnaby was having a nightmare. Hope you enjoy.

“Barnaby Percy Bryant!” Cedric yelled. “How many times do I have to tell to stay on the property unless you have my permission!”

“At least once more, sir.”

“You little ungrateful brat.” Cedric slapped his hand across Barnaby’s cheek, now a home for the sting of Cedric’s slaps. “You had tons of work you needed to do, you need to train Barnaby.”

“Why do I need to train so hard? With little to know breaks, and absolutely no freedom?” Barnaby raised his voice. He knew not to raise his voice to Cedric, even when he was angry. But now he couldn’t help himself, he’s been holding this in way too long.

“You need to protect yourself, and your sister.”

“Who in the hell would try to-“

“That’s enough Barnaby.” Cedric said, in the tone of voice that told Barnaby to shut up.

He couldn’t hold back any longer, he wouldn’t let Cedric treat him this way any more.

“No, it’s not. Why are you keeping us in the dark all the time? Why won’t you let us go to town? You still say no even when we ask for permission.”

“I said that’s enough!” Cedric screamed and slapped Barnaby again with the back of his hand.

This was a new sting, a new feeling running down his cheek. He reached up and felt what it was, there was an inch long cut running under his cheekbone. Cedric’s ring had cut him.

Barnaby turns to walk away, Cedric grabbed his shoulder to stop him, “Give it here Barnaby.” Cedric held out his hand.

“Give what? I don’t have anything.” Barnaby lied.

Cedric’s grip was too tight on his shoulder; he couldn’t just evaporate out of there like he normally would have. That always made Cedric angrier.

“The things you stole during this outing.” Cedric squeezed harder. “You’re getting better, Barnaby. But still not good enough.”

“I didn’t steal anything.” Barnaby tried to pry Cedric’s hand off of his shoulder, but he was much stranger. “When will I be good enough for you? When I can pick something up with out being visible? Which is impossible. When I can evaporate someone with me? Which, by the way, is also impossible. Or when I’m done doing your dirty work?”

Cedric’s hand moved to around Barnaby’s neck with so much speed, with so much force, Barnaby swore he heard a snap.