Friday, April 2, 2010


It’s against Dorchadas Laws to be with a vampire. Forbidden, actually. But when your Court is living in a forest surrounding a vampire House, it’s hard not to notice them. For me at least. It seems pretty easy for the other members of the Dorchadas Court; they can ignore the vampires with ease. Especially my mother, the Dorchadas Queen. Until yesterday, that is.

The new Head of House has been chosen for New York. Because we faeries are living in the forest on “vampire land” the Dorchadas Queen, King, and children (me) are supposed to go to the House to have a meeting with the new Head of House. There, although I’m never allowed in the meetings, we try to set some common ground, keep the peace with the vampires. I’m always excited to see the new vampire boss and especially if he has any children of his own.

My mother would be put to shame if she ever heard me talk like that.

Excited about meeting a vampire?” She would say, “Befriending a vampire? That is not how my daughter should be talking!”

But I can’t help it. I’m different than her. I’m different than everyone in the Dorchadas Court. I’m the odd one out. It’s just the way I am.

The Dorchadas Court is the oddball court in the first place. Other Faeries are the offspring of Angels and Demons. Dorchadas Faeries however are the offspring of Demons and Dyers. Other names for them are Fallen Angels, Angels of Death, Black Angels, and many more. But all Dyers are considered evil or dark because of how they obtain their Angelic status. Other Faeries are light, brightly colored clothing and hair; their skin always seems to glow.

Dorchadas Faeries are dark. Our hair is a dark color, our eyes black, our clothing black or gray, and our skin is as white as death. Except for me, that is. I am full-blooded Dorchadas, but I’m not normal.

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