Sunday, April 4, 2010


Instead of reading some rant about Easter Sunday and my (too long) Church gathering, here is a preview of Rhyland and Oliver's short story (thing). Hope you like it, I'm REALLY enjoying writing about them at the moment.

I looked down at my brothers sleeping face. He always looked angelic when he slept; maybe it is the way his skin seems to glow. What a stupid thing for me to say, of course he looks angelic. He’s an angel after all. Not the kind of angels that you read about in that book, the Bible. Those kinds of angels are fake, made-up, a myth. How those people make angels seem Holy, good-natured, with not a bad bone in their bodies. Oh, and those stupid halo’s. Real angels aren’t that nice. Truth is, angels didn’t live to follow some guy human’s named God. How angels really were looked more like the Greek Gods than anything in that Bible. There are High Angels, Lesser Angels, Guardians, Dyers, then at the WAY bottom of the line are the Thrown.

That’s what I am, and my brother Oliver.

Just one thing before I go. . .

Happy Jesus Christ Turning Into A Zombie Day!

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