Saturday, March 27, 2010


I hate mornings.

I had a hair appointment today, and this may sound vain, but I LOVE getting my hair done. Only because my hair is the only thing about myself (besides my writing) I'm proud of. My hair appointment was kind of last minute, and the only time slot they had left for my stylist was at eight in the morning. And the only reason I was okay with this is because I needed a trim like BAD, you could barely see my face anymore. Plus my color was fading something terrible. Anyway, back on topic, the salon opens at eight. I had to wake up at seven, I nearly died. Mornings are not my best friend, I'm definitely a night owl. I usually wake up at eleven-ish. It took about an hour and a half to do my hair, and by the time Esther (my stylist) was done, I could have still been sleeping if it was a normal day. I mean, I nearly fell asleep in the chair while I was waiting for my color to set in. Note to self: Don't schedule ANYTHING in the morning again.

But on a lighter note, my dad signed me up for a writers conference that's in late April. I'm SO VERY excited. It's going to be really helpful and I can't wait! It's a three day conference and it offers pretty much everything to help a beginning writer like myself. And if I bring in a couple chapters from my manuscript an author that's there could even read it and give me a few pointers! It's hard trying to contain my excitement. SO much stuff is going to happen in April, if all goes well that is.

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