Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today is Sunday. Besides Mondays, one of the worst days of the week.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I hate church. And in my family, who is very religious and have been going to church every Sunday, that's a problem.

I don't like what they talk about, especially about sin. Saying that if you do a certain thing you'll be damned to Hell unless you're "forgiven" by God or Jesus. Humans are programmed to Sin, we are programmed to be lazy, greedy, vain, envious, and angry. It's in our brain, our blood, we can't help it. And to say that you're going to Hell for something you can't help is ridiculous. Even the priests and overly religious people aren't all squeaky clean like they preach about. They want you to be perfect, and let's face it. Nobody is perfect. Especially in history the church hasn't been the nicest of people. Back then the church has always been corrupt and greedy, granted it's gotten better, but it's still shows some of it's greedy side. Well, at least in my church. Not to mention their judgmental tendencies. Jesus didn't discriminate, he loved everyone.

Now on a personal level, I've always thought church was boring. I've fallen asleep numerous of times. Whenever I'm forced to go (non holiday related) I always bring a book to read, and believe me, my Dad is NEVER happy during that. Nor are the people sitting around me. The people in my church have never looked my way very kindly.

Again, I have nothing against Jesus Christ, just Church.

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