Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fury Poem.

This is my Poetry Project. I already know I'm not the best at poetry, so don't laugh.
It's about Kale and what he might feel if he ever saw Cedric again. Not nice, not nice at all.
Well, I'm kind of nervous posting this but . . . Hope you enjoy!


You do not know true fury –

Scarlet red clouding your vision,

Screaming at the top of your lungs –

That’s not real fury.

When you’re standing face-to-face – toe-to-toe –

With a man you thought was like your father,

But only using you like a tool –

Then running away, leaving you all alone –

That’s real fury.

Scorching fire in my hands –

Hot enough to burn any normal human being –

Now racing through my body like a wild fire.

Fire has no sense of humor now –

It’s looking to do more than scare him.

He doesn’t look so scared now –

Calm and collected, as usual.

Even though I’m ten times stronger.

I could turn his skin to ash –

And his bones to charcoal.

But he needs to give me a reason –

I won’t hurt someone for no reason, unlike him.

I can keep the fire under control –

But only for so long.

Fire hates to be controlled.

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